About me


Hi, I’m Katie Pekacar.

I have worked in library, museum and archive policy in government non-departmental organisations, including MLA and the Arts Council. I am currently supporting library services to develop their digital strategy/offer. I am also a researcher and anthropologist working in public sector, charity and commercial research and strategy.

I believe that digital services are an integral part of the future of cultural services because they are an integral part of the future of society. Very soon they won’t be ‘digital services’ they’ll just be ‘services’.

The government’s economic growth strategy focuses on hi-tech as the major growth area of the economy and yet millions of people are at risk of being excluded from the creative and economic possibilities offered by making, playing with and, of course, consuming digital technology.

Cultural services offer a unique opportunity for people to play around with engaging, interesting content. In so doing they learn new skills in programming and building digital tech… and all the other creative skills that are the same for digital creativity as they are for needlework or knitting. In doing so we’re not just mucking around with the latest new gadget, or following a trend blindly – we are purposefully guiding people into a new world that will affect them and their life choices – and life chances – whether they want it to or not.

So the way I see it we have a duty to get with the here and now – and even the tomorrow that’s coming, so that we can make sure everyone can participate in the society of the future.


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