Ready, steady CODE!!!


Ok I sound a bit like a broken record already, but I have been doing a bit of research on free coding resources for a library service I’m working with and I thought I’d share the love.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Why All Library Professionals Should Learn to Code, coding is going to become part of the core business of public libraries. But it’s also a way for the public to benefit from and contribute to the developing hi-tech economy.

From September all primary schools will be teaching children how to code, and libraries should be doing it too.

So there are 2 kinds of free coding courses: online and face-to-face.

Libraries can signpost people to the online courses (some for adults, some tailored to children) and they can offer to host the face-to-face ones.

Getting involved with established free code courses brings in audiences, cuts down on set up costs and lets you put your toe in the water. You can do your own stuff later once you’ve decided the best way for your service to own these kinds of sessions.

This blog just signposts the nationally organised free coding classes but I’m sure there are more happening in your local area that aren’t national. To find them, look on Meetup and/or contact your local HE and FE institutions. They are often looking for convenient venues and like-minded people.

Kids/young people

Code Club  Free coding club for children aged 9-11

Khan Academy Free online tutoring in a range of subjects, including coding

Coder Dojo  Youth club where you can learn to code


Codecademy Online free coding courses

Code First:Girls Free coding courses on university campuses for women/teenage girls

(Image: Coding is the New Literacy, Michael Pollack)


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